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Rob McCarron

Exercise is as essential to life as eating. Our bodies were made to move. A sedentary lifestyle is an abnormal way to live. Transform your life with fitness and experience optimal health.

Personal Trainer

Fitness is my passion. I've transformed my own life with exercise and fitness and have learned a lot through the discipline of dedication. As an ACE certified personal trainer Let me help you achieve your goals through my knowledge and experience.

Sports Nutrition Advisor

As a certified sports nutrition advisor I have a broad knowledge of dietary supplements to gain the edge on your training. Diet, attitude, exercise, and dietary supplements form the foundation of all great athletes.

Fitness Lifestyle Coach

With my passion and experience, I will guide you to achieve your goals. Your success is what I strive for and I know what it takes to push yourself mentally and physically to achieve it.

My Story

I was a top athlete when I was a teenager. I played in gold rep soccer for 8 years and tried out for metro at age 14.  I was also tied in first place for fastest runner in the school when I was 12.  Exercise and sports was my life.  I also played Lacrosse which I loved for many years.  When I was 15 years old I was in a terrible car accident that put me out of the sports and fitness for a good year. I almost died, I am very lucky. I lost several teeth and had my teeth wired in and was on a liquid diet for about 3 months.  I also had suffered some head trauma.  I became depressed and turned to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes and never played sports again. 17 years later at the age of 32, I realized how unfit I had become and how unhappy I was with my life.  I went to the gym and could only do 4 minutes on the bike and was out of breath. I was thoroughly disgusted with myself and knew I needed to make a change. I quit alcohol, drugs and cigarettes and started to go to the gym. I also went back to school to work as a drug and alcohol counselor for the Salvation Army.  I currently work full time at UBC Hospital BC Psychosis and Vancouver General Hospital as a Rehabilitation Worker in a psychiatric unit since 2012.

That was the best decision of my life. I had no idea how much fitness would impact my life. Today I workout 6 days a week. I run 8-15k twice a week and have even run two half marathons to raise money for charity. One was for MS as my brother in law has MS and the other was for prostate cancer as my father is a prostate cancer survivor.  I started a fitness class at Vancouver General Hospital in 2015 for the mental health patients there to help motivate and inspire them to live healthier lives.  Then I went to school in 2018 and became an ACE certified personal trainer and Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor. I’m now a registered personal trainer and I love what I do, I have a huge passion for fitness and helping others to achieve their fitness goals. I live for fitness, and fitness is my life. Exercise has the power to heal, strengthen and transform the body and mind into the people we are meant to be.  Every scientific study that has been done confirms the powerful effects that exercise has on the body and mind.  But having the personal experience has been a spiritual awakening for me. 


Don’t wait any longer. Transform your life today and Get your Body Strong!!!

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